Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The big gay cliche.

'Sexuality is not the centre of the self' - McGuire.

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not. - Bumper sticker

Men loving men.
Anal invaders.
Sex pests.

Promiscuous Devils.

Obligatory effeminate,
ball bursting touchy feely
perfumed sons of Adam.

Flaming sodomites.
Sensitive assholes.
Pink as tongues.

Girly, limp wrist
cock sucking
bell boys.


Rachel Fox said...

I've always loved 'em.

Is that apostrophe in 'son's' where you want it? It's buggering...I mean bugging me.

McGuire said...

Woops. My grammatical mess all over the space. Sorted now.

This is one long pun. I wrote it out of frustration years ago. I just wanted to insulted homosexuality. The 'mediated' image of the lifestyle and mannerism bore no resemblance to anything I had experienced, to anything I was. It was like gay propaganda, and I had to just insult that cliche, despite the fact it's a fair enough reality.

Jim Murdoch said...

For this to work for me it needs something more. As it stands it's a list without a point. The point is in your comment but the poem won't have that when it gets sent out into the big, bad, gay-bashing world. The right title would probably do it. I'm not sure 'It's so gay' is it though. What about 'Cliché-bashing'?

McGuire said...

I don't mind the fact it's just a gay bashing list. It leaves you slightly perplexed. Is this guy simply gay hating or confused about his own sexuality? What perspective is he coming from? I like leaving it at that.

Mind you, I might change the title.

Titus said...

Read to me as if written from the inside, there's a fondness/softness to the language and structure somehow. I liked it as a commentary on other's perceptions. The stream of insults renders them ridiculous by the end.

McGuire said...

Thanks titus. I do write in a way that is farcical. Good or bad, I cannot say. I'm fighting with my own humour and seriousness.

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