Thursday, February 05, 2009

What God is.

God might just prove everyone wrong about God - McGuire.

God is not a brutal man.
God has no master plan.
God doesn't have a personality disorder.
God is not the Judge of who is weak or stronger.
God does not need glasses.
God does not write books.
God does not argue.
God does not condemn with looks.
God is not a homeowner.
God is not an answer.
God does not try to understand.
God has no hands.
God is a fat cant of non-existence.

No-one can know God.
That's like conversing with a mountain,
that has a mouth, and can reply: Impossible!

Fanatic Theology, Evangelical Domination:
only demonstrate the power of argumentation
the strength of the vocal muscle,
and the need for reciprocal understanding.

God is only a fat count of mighty figures
Christ Almighty Collective Agreement!
Truly, the only God that exists
is the God that cannot be touched
interpreted thought or vocalised.

I know this becaue I have hands.
We know these things because we are not God.
(Islam Judaism Christanity are antithetical to God.
They are in direct - opposition.)

God is the structure of the Universe.
World Faith is viscious canabalistic infighting,
the symptom of a holisitic oxymoronic world view
based on the circular logic that:
If humans did not create the Universe
then Humans must have created the Universe!
But all we had done was 'Create' a Creator,
none other than a Another Human Being,
our Ideal! not the God of the Universe at all.

God is a gargantuan structure,
that sits in eternity, the
anonymous scaffolding of reality.

*Unfinished poetic and philosophical diatribe to clarify a self-taught concept of God. Ironically, the structure of this poem, is unsound.


Rachel Fox said...

I like the line
'God is not a homeowner'.

Dave King said...

Gosd as structure: I can relate to that, I can go somewhere with it. Thanks for a fascinating post. So many good things in it, but it structure I shall take from it.

Laura Doyle said...

Reminds me of a conversation with my brother. So many people talk of vibrations. The more enlightened a person becomes, the higher the vibration...yet wouldn't God have zero vibration? The dyadic reality should by all means produce a subliminal reality equal to zero which would defy all existing labels and descriptions of a creator.

McGuire said...

Rachel - Thanks. I guess one line is better than none. I enjoy the ideas but I think this might sprawl too much, even for me.

Dave - Structure, does seem like the most 'objective' way of 'speaking of God' but then again the 'nature' of that structure, its end, is perhaps as opened ended and unfinished as experience. Always a pleasure.

Starlene - I used to call myself ZERO, on another poetry website years ago, when I was a young mooncalf. I guess there is a relationship there between 'no value' and 'unknown value'. I'm sure we could talk all night about this abstract nonsense - scared geometry and cosmic vibrations. At the very least, God keeps us thinking.

Marion McCready said...

I really like:

of reality.'

Jim Murdoch said...

Lots of interesting ideas but you are right, it's a sprawl.

The Brokendown Barman said...

i like the first half, then it does seem to get a bit up its ain arse.
thats coming fae me as well. had ma heid firmly ma arse fer years!!!!

McGuire said...

Who am I to challenge millenia of tradition? I suppose in that sense I'm up my own arse but really I'm just following the logic of my thinking.

It's meant to be preaching, pompous, even evangelising. So perhaps being up its own arse is quite fitting for the subject matter.

The Brokendown Barman said...

quite true. re-reading it again with that in mind i see what you mean. growing on me

The Brokendown Barman said...

am sorry pal. was kinde drunk when i wrote my comment the other night. didnt mean it to sound so harsh!!!!!
was out of order. i did like the piece but felt it got a bit convoluted in the second half, but before that was very good. as i said in the comment above, it makes more sense now after your comments

peace and love big man!!!

keep up the good work

McGuire said...

Nay danger barman. I'm not averse to a bit of harsh criticism you know. In fact your comment confirmed me need to edit this. Which I did. Taking out a lot of the personal pronouns and applying it more generally to people. So, no worries, say what need to be said.