Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Honest to madness.

Deliver us from evil.

Rab was a narcissist. He liked his sex aggressive. Liked to simulate rape scenes, mock strangulation was his bent. He liked to throttle a little, bruise her, a slap, give himself totalitarian control. He was twenty something - a post man. He usually dumped junk mail in the industrial waste bins at Toryglen ASDA. He was a young alcoholic and not yet robbed of his courage by the drink. He would get into a fight at least once a week. I think he was a closet homosexual. Who isn't? Surely, it just depends how much space your willing to admit is actually left in your closet? Rab laughed deranged. Donkey sound – 'Hee Haw!' 'Hee Haw! A donkey without his Sancho Panza. One day he'll be in prison for rape or murder. He was a solid guy, sincerely damaged, sincerely fucked up. In a world this insane, he was quite the rationalist.


Jim Murdoch said...

Nice - okay maybe not so nice - character study. Not sure it's poetry. Try formatting it as a piece of flash and see if you're just as happy with it.

McGuire said...

Jim, you're watchful eye, is very useful. You sort of counter-act my hasty tempetous side. If I ever need a proofreader. I might have the ask for your kind light of mind.

cheers for your contribution.
grazie tanto.