Monday, November 30, 2009

Hips made of smoke.

Smoke lingers
and curls like the ghost

of a belly dancer.


Titus said...

This is memorable.

From a smoker.

The Brokendown Barman said...

i love the way smoke twirls in the air. i love the way its shadow is blue and its reaqlity is brown. i love smoke rings and the way the smoke always attracts to the non smoker. not seen so often now since the smoking ban, obviously.
the best three lines ive ever read about smoke!!!

Jim Murdoch said...

Concise, effective, evocative - all in all excellent.

McGuire said...

Titus - Thanks. It's quite bold to just put up one image conjured, considering I have a picture, it would work just as well without it.

I thought of adding 'Egyptian bellydancer' or something but there really is no need.

brokendown - Aye smoke does have it's qualities, that ethereal, vanishing quality; like people. As simic said - people made of smoke.

Jim - Cheers. A cheeky wee image/observation.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to quit smoking

Rachel Fenton said...

Words don't dissipate, like smoke, as shadows in the dark.

Titus said...

Things are appearing and disappearing again, aren't they?

McGuire said...

Yes, you're right Titus, when I realise what I've posted is shite, I take it down.

Amazed it's not a blank blog.

Titus said...

I liked the start of the wooden spoon one.

Never bothers me.