Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parable Of The Fence.

'this went on for quite some time' from KickingParis on Vimeo.


McGuire reading in St Andrews, at Risk-A-Verse, with Inky Fingers and Stanza, Byre Theatre.

Thanks to Rachel McCrum for taking the footage.


Jim Murdoch said...

A L Kennedy moved from writing to stand up. Ever considered it? BTW my wife says you have a nice accent.

McGuire said...

I wouldn't move away from writing. And A L Kennedy still writes as well as doing the stand up. You hinting I should give up the writing,. Jim?:P

I might well do stand up. I get a good reaction when I read.

Thank your wife for the kind words. Maybe I'll have some audio for her in a year or two.

Be reading you. Keep in touch.