Sunday, October 04, 2009

As we see it.

My brother and I used to pull down
large writing pads from the shelves
and he would draw a precise earth
lined and squared and I would scribble
bright colours over the page.
We were both drawing
the world from different angles.


Titus said...

Loved it, resonates a lot for me because of the weirdness of having twins who are polar opposites.

But even if that were not so, it is still a good piece.

Jim Murdoch said...

I have a brother like that too. Yep, this one works.

McGuire said...

Thanks Titus.

Cheers Jim.

It's straight to the point this one. Not ambitious in the slightest. Is it cheeky to write down a wee observation like that. Is it really enough? I always assume so.

Jim Murdoch said...

Why clutter it up? The more words you wrap around this the more chance you'll obscure the true meaning. No one notices the pebbles on the beach until they hold one in their hand.

Rachel Fenton said...

That's not true about the pebbles: if you pick up just one its colour alters, it loses its beauty. And a pebble doesn't get any better for being bigger. Your poem, thankfully, is not a pebble. It is complete in itself.