Friday, August 03, 2012

Quietly This Month

I will be reading at the following events. They are all sure to be quality events in themselves. Come see, come hear, come rotten tomato in hand, however you see it, through a glass eye or a stone heart, through a gleeful optimism or a dyspeptic cynicism. Life herself stands, doing things to us all.

I am usually far away in another country during June/July/August but not this year and I have managed to build up a wee list of events I'll be reading at. Encouraged to be considered for some of them and happy to just be involved either way. For a man of my disposition, it is a strange honour if you knew my disposition you'd understand. ;)

Quickly arrange reading organised by Claire Askew at a nice wee bar I have never been too. Come hither! Ahoj! Ahoj! 

Captain's Bar
Monday 6th of August. 2012. 
South College Street, Edinburgh.
6:00 until late.

Thanks to Claire Askew for considering me good enough to warm up, along with Ryan Van Winkle and Jenny Lindsay, before this guy. Who is quite famous in Amercia and can be found all over YouTube, and his brother I presume, will also be there. I am slightly daunted by it, no doubt is is a polished as a Monday morning work shoe, and has oodles of style and word-charm.

One Night Stanzas presents Watsky X 2. 
Tuesday 7th August, 2012.
Henderson's at St John's.
7:15pm until 11:00pm 

Summerhall’s Festival Club
Wed 8th August, 10pm – midnight
Inky Fingers takes over the stage at Summerhall’s Festival Club, to bring you a selection of the best spoken word around. Tonight featuring local star Colin McGuire, alongside experimental texts from Sean Burn and brilliant new verse from Lynsey Calderwood. Inky Fingers are doing a SHED load of events in Augut. Seek them out.

40 poeple reading at this event. The biggest open mic at the Fringe ever. It will be some marathon. Going to try and stay the entire time without getting catatonic or making a breast of myself. It's bound to be a good riot and some good words to be heard. 

Monday 13th of August, 2012.

The Blind Poet, 32 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.
8:00pm until 1:00am
BBC@Potterrow, Second Space, Edinburgh. 
Wednesday, 22 August, 5pm: Liz Lochhead, Colin McGuire, Elspeth Murray, Jim Monaghan, Jenny Lindsay and Bram Gieben
5:00 pm 9:00 pm