Sunday, December 08, 2013

Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt. + Talking Heids.

Everybody Lie Down and No One Gets Hurt

Artwork by Kirsty Whiten

The launch has passed. It was a small success. Thank to Sofi's Bar for being a warm, homely little place for poetic intimacies, and ranting. Thanks to Red Squirrel Press, Sheila Wakefield, in particular, who brought the pamphlet to completion, while I wondered about how much profit I would make. (Delusions of poetry selling) :P

Now the book is out there in the world (well, about 30 copies, to be fair) and I am now able to sell the book. You can buy it from this blog! Simply click on the button - remember to select the right option i.e. number 2: Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt. I will then post it out.

The pamphlet should be available to buy from Red squirrel Press and on Amazon in the near future.

There will be readings to follow. A launch in Glasgow too. Hopefully, Govanhill Baths.

Now the little book is out there, it seems so fragile, a little book of sleep that, quite frankly, could easily be interrupted in its light, poetic, doze. If a gentle little word or two is needed, this pamphlet might be for you.

The Art work is by Edinburgh based Artist  Kirsty Whiten (Technically Fife) who I really liked for her mix of brilliant, life affirming colour, with dark imagery and surrealist depictions. Beautifully warped in their vividness.

Cost 5 pounds (including postage)!

Talking Heids

McGuire has started a Poetry night at Sofi's Bar, last Tuesday of every month, generally. Featuring two established poets, music, humour and an informal Open Mike, some light music in the background and a generous and warm venue, that is, Sofi's.

If you want to know more about the night, who is reading, what events are coming in the future, join us on Talking Heids, face broker page: Talking Heids.

There is a reading on the 17th of December, with Kirsten Norrie, who will read some poems and play music, and a yet unconfirmed male poet will join her for our last Talking Heids of the New Year.

Talking Heids will also be part of LGBT History Month in February. More on in the New Year!  

*Don't forget to buy the pamphlet. :P