Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As I sit quietly, I begin to smell burning.

McGuire's full collection is finally out. Buy it. Read it. Dose it in petrol and set it on fire.
'As I sit quietly, I begin to smell burning' is a wild mixture of poetry and short stories. In the spirit of verging on discovering catastrophe. 'As I sit quietly, I begin to smell burning' display's McGuire's tendency toward the confessional, the social-realistic and absurd. McGuire has a voice that is frank and direct. McGuire write about childhood, private life, as well as Scottish life, as well as confronting issues of perversion, identity, masculinity and addiction.

8 pounds - packed with fire. 

Thanks to Red Squirrel Press for the opportunity! Purchase at RSP website or from InPress

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

As I sit quietly I begin to smell poetry...

All Quiet on the McGuire front.

Things are about to get a bit noisier. At least for the summer. The new collection is out. It includes stories and poetry. It is a much darker edifice than 'Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt.' The subjects differ wildly - Scotland, Scottishness, Masculinity, Sexuality, Madness, Fruit and Vege, Pornography and a lot more. Originally I thought this collection was all about SECRECY but after much editing and wrestling with subject matter I can say this collection is much more concerned with Scotland,-Identity-Sexuality-Madness. Secrecy has its place, indeed, it is the unwitting master behind most of this book, but Secrecy is not so prevalent and I ditched the original title 'The Secret Service' for something a bit longer (in the same spirit as 'Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt.') Which will be revealed in a matter of weeks.

Summer should be wild. Talking Heids has an LGBT night every week in August at Sofi's Bar. There will be a host of shows, poetry readings from many of the poets of Scotland, U.K. and abroad during the Festival, the Fringe and the Free Fringe.

There will be BBC Slam which is sure to be intense and new powerhouses of poetic performance dominate the scenery - Loud Poets and Sam Small, to name only a few!

So keep yours bra on, your boxer's clean, because we are about to pick up speed and rant at the wind!

Don't forget you can still order copies of 'Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt.'

Tis for you alone this gift for all.


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Shoe Gazing

Shoe Gaze

My shoes tell me who I am.
All Day I Dream About Self.
Too blue, blaring eyesore.
A too large tongue stuck out.

Tied tightly with a final knot.
Walks over everyone. Stood on. 
Tramples everything. Trampled on.
Treads softly on temporary ground.

The last vestige of the ghost of purpose.
Legs peddling endlessly until almost worn
down to the sole, until only the shoes remain,
like stumps of axed Wonder boom or Cedars of God.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

LGBT History Month & Gay Marriage Legal in Scotland!

What a day! Gay Marriage is now legal in Scotland. AMAZING, for those gay couples who wish to marry. Now they can come to the table of Marriage and share in its riches.

Incidentally, I was also commissioned to write poem for LGBT History Month! Here is the link! Thanks to the wonderful people at LGBT Scotland! They are amazing people, not least for commissioning me, ha, but also for being encouraging and engaging in the creation of the poem.

Click the LGBT Scotland link to read the poem.

What a day! Marriage is a strange concept. I usually associate it with Religion but in reality it is a practical matter, or even a matter of love (God forbid, ha), a matter of mutual care and share between to human beings being human. in this temporary earth, being together as best we can, in a loving pact, is hard to deny!

'Be gay be gay because today's today!' - e.e. cummings.

'Affection will solve the troubles of freedom yet' - walt whitman.

'Cohabitation has been corrupted, by marriage.' - Nietzsche.

'Love is an unspeakable thing, don't tell anyone about it,  just get married.' - McGuire.

Will you marry me? X