Thursday, November 09, 2006

Leaps of Association

It is a wonder how many people are opening
the front door to their house in Madagascar
right now...
Tolstoy said that Shakespeare was dry and tedious.
And not many people know that - nor should
Circus tent
clown face
bright red party hat,
jester juggles,
the lion tamed to a sheep stares,
the ring master whips to attention.
Words -
sent out on up the line
to face the firing squad
as I sit back and idle.
The Children sleep close by
with faint puffs of paper thin breath.
My eyes become heavy
doze to tranquil coma
soft as a rock in a pool of cushion.
Words mysterious....
ethereal...smoke signals...
hand tokens...
coughs crackles...
secretive little fingers...
under night time covers...
lips and teeth...tattoos...
On the great frying pan
We pretend we are dancing
As we lift our burning feet together
Afraid to disclose the pain on our soles
The Nobility of Wetting Oneself
Car crash love scene
Amateur writer wanted dead or alive!
Tears pouring and hitting off the window:
disguised as rain fall...
Weak body shipwreck weekend
on the island of The Drunk
Nonsense on stilts walking down the high street
falls over the bridge and into the river then
floats down stream splashing and nearly drowning,
all the while no one notices.
Nonsense arrives home safely though wet...
Mindless jabbering of a mind short of some scaffolding
- build where no one shall build!
Straw hat thought blown to the wind...
How dark and sinister ageing naked body is
Beside the fresh skin of the children of the Future!
Many small thoughts, many suggestions, much gardening,
much kissing, much drinking of wine, much fighting and swearing,
much paying of bills, much confusion, much love and friendship
much misunderstanding, before the final curtain!
Memory loss
Memory lose
Me m y l se
me o l s
m o e
m s e
l o
Keep everything a mystery - that's God.
A man inside a question mark
Held up to the light and invisible,
Can you see him, see look, yes, he's there,
Where the eye can't see plain enough
Dangling my soul off of a bridge - it pleads with me:
don't let me go! Please don't! I love you!
The look of terror and tears gave me a feeling of superior power
the soul dangles: please! Don't! I can't swim! I will die! Please don't!
I joke about with soul, but I am weak and pull soul back up,
I play this game so as not to concede my dependence on soul...

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