Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The love inside of the balloon

(Image by Bansky.)

This is a short story about one large balloon filled with love that a small child let go of and how it kept floating up, up, up into the air and everyone panicked for the child, for the balloon and for the love inside of the balloon. The child cried. People stretched arms high, clutched at the sky, in a last scrambled attempt to catch hold, but no one could bring it back down from the sky; it continued to float away, further and farther, higher up in to the atmosphere, escaping in to space where, like an illusion, it eventually burst.


Jim Murdoch said...

Great punch line. Good story but it really needs that ending.

McGuire said...

I agree. It's just one of my 'shorter stories'. I know it's possibly quite cheeky but I really love creating precise scenes with minimalist occurence happening within them. Since I can't paint very well. I paint tiny stories. I'll post a few more in the future.

Always appreciated.

The Brokendown Barman said...

this maybe short in length, but u still know how to use it big fella!!!!

Rachel Fox said...

I think you're good at these!