Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Laughter Epidemic.

Laughter raised the roof off of a house while it rained. Everyone inside the house was soaking wet. Their champagne glasses refilled with rain water. They cared not. The fish tank became one with the living room. The water level raised steadily. Some women took the initiative and started handing out snorkles, and scuba gear, to those taking it all a little too seriously. Arm bands, and rubber rings, came out. A man started doing the doggy paddle in the shallow end. A row boat careered down the waterfall of the stair case, from the attic men dove into the down stairs bedroom. There was no a life gaurd to be seen. Neighbours came round to see what all the laughing was about. They cared not. They cared only for the the laughter, and the laughter inside of the house, for laughter is a house without a roof, alive with people soaked to the skin and happy to the bone.


Jim Murdoch said...

It's a wonderful image, it really is. I'm not sure about 'herd'. I think you can do better. I always like inventing new collective nouns.

Could I also suggest you makes the last line: 'Soaked to the skin and happy to the bone' or something like that? The short line feels a bit off at the end.

Other than that, brilliant.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like that, it paints a very vibrant image, i could see it happening in Scotland or just as easily in Malawi

Rachel Fox said...

I like it too.

Hugh McMillan said...

Meyy Xmas Colin. Hope you're happy to the bone. Love that line- happy to the bone. I'm going to ask everyone today if they're happy to the bone.

Dave King said...

That is just brilliant!