Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Certain people.

There are many grey chairs
who do nothing except
let other people sit on them.


Barlinnie said...

Aye, but they rarely come fae Glasgow, more towards the east coast if the truth be known.

Concise and to the point. I liked it.

Titus said...

So did I.
Not the greatest fan of the very short poem but this is telling, in the best sense.

The Brokendown Barman said...

but they get their own back,
in a certain way,
by being uncomfortable for long periods of time

Titus said...

Yahoo! The book arrived today. Has the opposite occurred yet?

McGuire said...

Hello aeveryone.

Cheers bastard. It's a nice wee conceit, isn't it? (Con-seat.)

Titus - short can be dangerous i.e. underwhelming and vague. But if you have the right moments, you can capture a heart beat, in the shake of your blouse. I got your book through, and rachel's, I'm reading them both. How long were you in the police force for? I would love to read more about that. I'm enjoying the insight into your life and your sensibility.

brokenbarman - I rememeber the grey plastic chairs we had to sit in everyday at school. Those seats were just like so many people - generic and uncomfortable and relentless.

cheers me dears.

Titus said...

In "the job", as we pretentiously called it, for eleven years before my heart was stolen by a Scotsman and he reived me away to Nithsdale.
Though I loved work, I loved him more.

I long to write something about the funny bits, as I recall spending so much time laughing, but as soon as I set pen to paper the black stuff comes out.
Funny stuff better as prose, maybe. A novel one day. I suspect there's a market for that sort of stuff ....

The Brokendown Barman said...

Those seats were just like so many people - generic and uncomfortable and relentless.

now this i like, big man. i see people like this every day, so frightened to be someone they just fade into insignificance. scary....