Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Young things.

It is summer and the young tree
has dyed its leaves pink,
in the latest fashion of the magazines.
Summer liberal, drunk experiment,
dope smoking moment, shhhh,
don't tell mumdad time.

Streets lined with pink haired trees.
Ah, so sweet, if only they knew,
winter governed their choices.
Still, summer is a sweet angle
to view life from. Young for a day.


Jim Murdoch said...

Is there a political subtext here - 'Summer liberal'... 'winter governed'?

McGuire said...

No, hint of it, I suppose, 'the politics of the seasons' our youth we tend to be 'liberal' (in temprament as much as anything) and yet once we grow up or grow angsty (winter) we realise how much heaviness is in the world.

Aside, I hope it reads, simply and without fuss.