Wednesday, September 08, 2010

At the other table.

I have two eyes.
He has three.

We glance at each other,

She orders coffee.
I order tea.

We drink together,


Titus said...

McGuire! You're alive!

McGuire said...

Hello titus, I am alive and well and back in Glasgow, been away for three months - 2 in Italy, 1 in Prague.

This new offering is pretty shit, minimalist and sparse and barely visible. But plenty more to come.

Your new book looks very nice. I like the artisan method of making your own book. I plan to do similar.

I'll be reading you.

How was your summer?x

Titus said...

Wow to the travelogue, realised you were abroad but no idea for how long! Hope you had a fabulous, and if not interesting, time.

Don't diss the new offering - reminded me of the genius video on Rachel's blog two posts back - "The Boy". Not just the eyes, either.

Yes, artisan method does look grand, but bugger me it's hard work. I honestly do not know how Hugh Bryden of Roncadora does it. Or keeps doing it.

Summer was surreal, in that we've had a bit of a tragedy at Essex home - eldest brother broken his neck in freak car accident, so now quadraplegic - which has been interspersed with moments of loveliness and sunshine and just plain messing about, and the boys are getting bigger and even funnier. So weird, really.

Jim Murdoch said...

Welcome back. Nice idea. I'd look at that last verse again though. If you can shorten it then this would be better. Great photo though. I'd have that on my wall.

McGuire said...

Titus, quadraplegic, my god, life is a tough game. My condolences to your brother and his 360 degree turn in life. I hope he is strong enough to face the challenge. With tenacity, and family support, I'm sure he can. Some summer for you then....Jesus, save us.

Jim, hello to you, I didn't get a chance to post much at all when I was away, and my laptop broken the last few days before I left Italy, and had no real access in Prague. Now I'm back here, plans afoot, looking for bursary, looking to clean up my writing act.

I've been reading your poetry. I like it. It's very no nonsense, clear, austere even, maybe not austere, very sobering, clear-sighted, minimalist, sparse, no redundancies, no error, and in some sense (considering my nature) not enough CHAOS. I await the return of my personal laptop before I get a review up for you, and start posting more regularly.

I edited the last stanza, down to two lines now. I think it works ok, mind you without that photo, would it really work? Bare in mind I wrote it before I found the photo.

Hear from each other soon, all.


Jim Murdoch said...

Glad you've been enjoying the poetry. Sorry about the lack of chaos. Not good with chaos. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

The change to the last stanza is much better BTW.