Monday, January 10, 2011


Rather lounge on a couch nourished
by the sharp turn and talk of a single page
than strain through the luminous glare
of an electrified screen like a conspirator.

Knead the dough of the story,
the warm loaf in the hands rising
rather than stretch plastic cable
to that-just-right angle to balance a machine
awkwardly at midnight.

Most of all, imagine, a Mother or Father
reading beside you by lamplight,
or you reading to your loved ones,
as they fall asleep dreaming of a game world,
a sky sugared with new meanings,
clusters of constellations, of sentences.


Jim Murdoch said...

Carrie bought me a Kindle for Christmas. There’s no glare – in fact it’s rather dull – but it proves my point that a book is more than simply a container for words. I understand the need to move away from paper books – it’s a matter of limited resources – but I think I’d rather see all the crappy magazines bite the dust before books do, and children’s books should be the last to go. There is, of course, the argument that you won’t miss what you’ve never had and that’s true. From an educational perspective electronic media wins hands down over books (although not on the Kindle I’m sad to say) – hyperlinks are just wonderful – but when it comes to a simple reading experience give me a paper book any day.

McGuire said...

Sure Jim. I started this out as a muchmighty piece talking about the pros and cons of ebooks and paperbacks, but then I realised I much prefer reading 'books' from the shelf. Ther not mutually exclusive. In fact, when I read a book, I often have the net cooperating, helping me understand obscure references, unknown words etc. etc.

Not sure about that last line in the poem though.

Jim Murdoch said...

I read it as a sprinkling of stars/sugar.

The Carrot said...

well i found this gem of a poem via my cold sterile laptop! - so i guess there is a place in the world for electronics - still nothing compares with the tactile nurturing sensation one gets from holding and reading a new (or old) book.

With your permission, i will link to this poem from my blog.

isabelle said...

A lovely poem, I think perhaps there's nothing quite as gentle as falling asleep while being read to.
( it put me in mind of this too, from a while ago )

McGuire said...

Carrot - Go for it! Thank you.

isabelle - pleasure to have your reading eyes.