Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peck Rechublic.

From a summer schooling.

In Czech - fined 700korun on tram check, played dumb but ticket master not fooled, repaired a burst Jeep tire check, huge bananas check, off to teach tomorrow check. A cloud in a pair of trousers - check. The sun is made of honey and shooting stars are bees spilling with pollen - check. Packed verbosity and pretension - Check. Still gay - check.


Teaching in Czech - check. Work with raging friendly Alcoholic pervert professors, eyes drunk on young possibilities - check. Teach in a style aloof yet caring, confused yet powerful - check. Drink too much, alarm bells drinking, God put me here to teach me a lesson. Not to drink like it's a practical skill. Watch middle aged men ruin themselves. Run around barking like a dog at the world and my own obviousness for being crazy. Life redeemed by hundreds of glorious young engaged and engaging with alien words, the breaking world, their secret selves and Mr Doe-Eyed Me.


Back in Prague - more drunk days and mornings - my liver sings a dirge! Possible divorce proceedings. In love, out of love, who to love. Same constant state of inertia. Hours of A.A. footage to confirm my suspicions. Kafka's house is a tiny prison. Can't find Hasek's bar. Beautiful day of orange juice. Smack head off low ceiling. Too surround sound self-involved. Lazy cow grazing on Prague. Perversions need my absolute attention - Czech. New day - going sailing under a blue pallet of sky and bright people
. Open all the windows let the air in and the fruit flies out - check.


Rachel Fenton said...

Hey you, so that's where you've been. I like this piece - I like the shifts it goes through and the last line (aside from blue canvas. The image and duel meanings of 'fruit flies out the window' is very good.

McGuire said...

Hi Rachel, excuse the long reponse. Yes, been in Czech teaching, now back in rain-drenched grey-cloud-encased, wind-scattered Glasgow.

Glad you like the shifts. It was a few months of contrasts and conflicts and joy.

More to come.

Reading you.