Monday, November 07, 2011

A Splasher

'Boys should be
strong enough
to keep

'But Da a canny,

I'll drown. Gonny
get us a pair
o arms bands.'

'You'll need more than that, Son.
You'll droon if yee don't stop bleatin.
A never got arms bands in ma day,
yee got flung in - sink or swim.

And that taught us.

None of this inflatable
life guard material.
Shower o splashers.
Wee safty.
Stoap yir gurnin fir Christ
Away doon the shallow end.'

A Splasher


Should be

Strong enough

to keep themselves

a float, Son.’

‘B u t d a, a c a n n y s w i m g o n n y g e t s u z a p a i r a a r m b a n d s!












! ‘


Jim Murdoch said...

I’m not sure whether I prefer this version or ‘A Splasher’. Either way I’m sure there are loads of kids out there who will be able to relate to it. As it happens my dad never forced me to swim like that. I went to proper swimming lessons although I would have been about twelve when I did. I did, however, let my dad teach me how to drive:

“Go behind the red car. The red car!”
“I’m behind the red car, Dad.”
“Not that red car, the other red car.”

Rachel Fenton said...

My dad just used to sleep on the bleachers while I climbed invisible ladders.

I like the dialect, it makes the sadness softer.

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Anonymous said...

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