Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cheap Christmas Selection Box

Sky Glass

Snow flakes under magnification
look like complex mechanical structures.
Thank you, Great Voiceless One
for such immense Christmas d├ęcor.
We, Royally speaking, always knew you to be
an Interior Designer of the First Order.

Wise Old Beard

Father Christmas has a great white beard, it is:
A snow capped mountain top.
A frozen snow caked lake.
A snow covered gully near the mouth of the fjord.
A candy floss of snow carpeting the land.
Father Christmas's great white beard – adored, revered.
Perennially pruned, combed and sheered.
Let us never forget that large mysterious
most ancient of beards.

Dirty Realist

Santa is in the drinks cabinet using 
Billy Boys new monster truck as a drinks cup.
Bottles surround his black boots in worship. 
Billy in reindeer pyjamas climbs down the stairs, 
mouth open 'O' shaped in shock:
'You fucking drunken materialist whore!
You're not my Father any more!'

*Written in 2005. Edited in 2012. Dreadful for eternity.  


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