Tuesday, February 04, 2014

LGBT History Month & Gay Marriage Legal in Scotland!

What a day! Gay Marriage is now legal in Scotland. AMAZING, for those gay couples who wish to marry. Now they can come to the table of Marriage and share in its riches.

Incidentally, I was also commissioned to write poem for LGBT History Month! Here is the link! Thanks to the wonderful people at LGBT Scotland! They are amazing people, not least for commissioning me, ha, but also for being encouraging and engaging in the creation of the poem.

Click the LGBT Scotland link to read the poem.

What a day! Marriage is a strange concept. I usually associate it with Religion but in reality it is a practical matter, or even a matter of love (God forbid, ha), a matter of mutual care and share between to human beings being human. in this temporary earth, being together as best we can, in a loving pact, is hard to deny!

'Be gay be gay because today's today!' - e.e. cummings.

'Affection will solve the troubles of freedom yet' - walt whitman.

'Cohabitation has been corrupted, by marriage.' - Nietzsche.

'Love is an unspeakable thing, don't tell anyone about it,  just get married.' - McGuire.

Will you marry me? X

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