Saturday, December 20, 2008

Featured Poet McGuire Interviewed.

Tell us about your poems.

What: I am a playful poet but also a dark artificer. I write about everyday life, the hundreds of characters we meet, as well as psychiatric darkness. I write informal poetry, filled with flights of fancy, keen observations, philosophy — so anything that snags on my muse or strikes out to me in curiosity or unexpected coincidence. Erratic and temperamental, what I write is ignited with an almost nervous, kinetic energy, if my poems could jump or dance or be drank down in one gulp, they would.

Why do I write: because I once went into my mother’s underwear draw and discovered a letter at the bottom which revealed family secrets, real and true. This embodies my need to write and my long literary obsession with secrecy and honesty. I want to write what has been left unsaid, what has been hidden from sight; I want to find private letters beneath underwear smothered in private truth.

How do I write? Dare, I say, I take notes. I write rather slapdash and sporadically. That’s how I approach most of my writing. Write first, think later. I write in bursts of nervous energy, frenzied sessions of typing and diatribe, followed (perhaps days or weeks later) by precise reform and edit. I don’t like to butcher the poem with correction. As Sir Walter Scott reminds ‘many a clever boy is flogged into a dunce and many an original composition corrected into mediocrity.’ I’m not saying I’m great or original simply that I like the unpolished feel of my poetry, down to earth, never seeking professionalism. I like my poetry like my prawns – raw.

-Read the whole interview please visit: One Night Stanzas


Many thanks to Claire Askew for considering me and putting me up on the site. It was a rare and unexpected bit of exposure. Despite my rather long winded and rambling replies, I feel I managed to convey my tiny human dignity and my little flicker of soul-poem. Thank you anyone who reads and anyone who takes the time to care.

Grazie tanto! ;)


Jim Murdoch said...

Glad to see you getting a bit of exposure. You were talking about readings. Remember I sent you an e-mail yonks ago about a cafe on the south side where they do readings. You should check it out.

McGuire said...

Very true. What was the place again?

Since that suggestion I have actually given one reading at Tchai Ovna on the Southside, few weeks back, went down well. Sadly, it was the last reading because the shop is now shut down.

I need to get reading more, that's what 2009 will have in store.

Jim Murdoch said...

That was the place. I've checked the website but there are no events listed for the west end shop so maybe it's closed down too. I keep expecting to stumble on something online that shows Glasgow is alive and kicking poetically but nothing much so far.

McGuire said...

Actually, the one in the West End is the new venue for the poetry reading, first one starts on the 9th, there are a few other places dotted about the west end but nothing in the south anymore. Something I shall have to remedy perhaps.

Dave King said...

Great interview - and thanks for introducing me to another blog.

Marion McCready said...

I enjoyed the interview, especially the bit about liking poetry the way you like your prawns!