Monday, February 16, 2009

'A tragic accident took their lives.'

I'm concerned about men who fall
from windows and houses that turn
into prisons of fire when a light is switched on.
I’m concerned about the accidents
which have yet to occur.

The roof is going to fall in.
My plane will crash. I will be killed
in a car smash. I will be the victim
of a knife attack.

Cancers harbour within me.
My mind is conspiring. I think I smell gas.
The kitchen is on fire. If I laugh heartily
I will succumb to fatal hilarity.

Chance is a fine thing.
And I’m not taking any.


The Brokendown Barman said...

this could have been written about me!!!
quality big man, quality

(rogue comma returned)

Jim Murdoch said...

Now I wonder what inspired this?

The title is a bit weak. Could I suggest 'Accidents waiting to Happen' or something along those lines?

McGuire said...

True Jim the title wasn't particularly thoughtful.

(p.s. It's absolutely freezing here in Bari. You wouldn't believe it. Just like Scotland only no central heating, apartments designed for maximum comfort in the heat. so it's like a fridge-freeze here. I'm sitting wrapped up with my gloves on. Mental!)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Good voice in this poem. I too have been surprised by the cold of Italy. It will get warmer.

Dave King said...

I was n't sure if it was a promise or a threat. Enjoyed it, though.

Carol said...

It's a pretty ironic poem. At first, I thought the picture was real.