Monday, February 09, 2009

Sweet Sandy

My hot mouth sucks your sticky sediment.
A cement of sugar, water, cream of tartar;
Phallus of sugarcane: salmon pink glow stick.
My saliva congeals to your skin, the next suck
meets with cold slobbers.
I crunch into the root of this sweet finger
again and again. My acidic tongue corrodes
sweet chemistry. I lick and delight in
this affair between mouth and minion.
This burner of molars, dentist’s pay cheque,
a child’s demand. Mother’s cunning dummy,
Great volcanic one: Sweetmeat, my saccharine love.

*The man who first invented Edinburgh Rock, was Alexander Ferguson, who became known as 'Sweetie Sandy'. (Edinburgh Rock has a close relative known as Blackpool rock.)

1 comment:

The Brokendown Barman said...

oohhhhh you made edinburgh rock diirrrrtttyyyyyyy.

love the stuff ma self, not had it for years