Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer apples.

How truthfully the apple falls.
It knows how to fall.
How to rot and how easy
it is to lie among friends,
when the sun shines out like an answer.


Jim Murdoch said...

Yep, good. I like it. Short (you know I like short) and to the point. One of those poems where you think: Damn, wish I'd written that one.

McGuire said...

I almost feel ashamed to put it up. It's so simple. So unspectacular. Lacking in the poetic. Artless.

Yet the simplicity of the idea and the description and the scene, win me over, even if it's not Shakespeare.

hope said...

Finally gotten the time to read you for more than three seconds before another load of laundry called my name. :)

You're an intriguing soul, McGuire. Just about the time I think I have you figured out, your work turns in another direction. I like that you aren't afraid to experiment with words. Makes me wonder if I was suppose to see a duality to the phrase "how easy it is to lie among friends." It's one of the few poems I've ever read twice and got two entirely different meanings from it.

I'm not one to dissect another's work, I just know what I like. Oh, if you ask for an opinion, I'll try to be helpful but unsolicited advice isn't me. I liked "What a lamb is" because it conveyed how we hurt ourselves, knowing better, yet trudging headlong into disaster anyway. I loved your description of the human body...nice work.

I'll be back. Have a good weekend!