Thursday, August 29, 2013

August and everything after.

I read at BBC Slam again this year. I managed to win my night. I was up against some worthy performers and somehow, by some fluke, perhaps something in the air, I got through.  I ranted a short comic biography of Robert Burns, spieled a long humorous list of definitions of God, and a heart-felt piece about the eccentric and tempestuous couples of love. It managed the job.

On the Saturday final I was up against the strongest Ladies of the Edinburgh poetry society. :) Rachel Amey, Rachel McCrum, Sophia Walker. It was a tough final. I read my list of gods once more (probably not a good idea) and the a risky poem, Delta phos b, a graphic poem on internet porn addiction. (Not autobiographical)

Sophia Walker won! Deservedly so. She has been working away at performance poetry for years. She has a backlog of experience, her own private collections of turmoils and traumas that power her words. She read poems of her War experience in Uganda and my personal favourite, about masculinity and stereotypes. Well done, Walker!

Now that is all over, somethings yet remain! I have a pamphlet coming out any minute now, with small press Tenor Bull! And there is a book on the way as the same year? A bit unnecessary, but there it is. More news on that soon!

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