Sunday, September 15, 2013

September reshuffle

My pamphlet is not coming out this year with Tenor Bull, won't be happening until next year due to ongoing delays, technical problems, outside of my control and everyone else's.

Instead my book with Red Squirrel Press will be out at the end of October! Thanks to the powerful Lady and personality, that is, Sheila Wakefield. More on that to come.  Know only this, there will be readings. There will be laughter. There will be mouths open, aghast. Your secrets are not safe with you. Bring them with you. Air them. A fresh air.

I won't even tell you the title yet. Only know, my one faithful reader (Jim), it is coming soon, soon, sooner than Jesus to our rescue. We will soon have to wake up to another book.

United Nations of Sleep

I seek asylum at the Embassy of Bed.
Nightly it is granted, without passport,
an evenings access into eternity.
- McGuire 


Jim Murdoch said...

Oh joy.

Titus said...

I'll echo. If the readings are in the West, I'll be there (life permitting.)