Friday, November 08, 2013

Of sleep and waking up.

Sleep is coming.

The pamphlet is due for launch on the 3rd of December 2013. Venue yet to be confirmed. It will be in Edinburgh, that's for sure, with a possible launch in Glasgow following later or in the New Year.

The pamphlet is being published by Red Squirrel Press, thanks to the industrious and hard-working, Sheila Wakefield.

The book is loosely wrapped in a duvet of ideas surrounding sleep, sleeplessness and the great wide awake!

It has been a labour of love, insomnia, mindfulness and addiction.

More details to follow, so get your pyjamas on, or get out of bed, turn the lights out, or stretch up your arms into the cold reach of the real world.

Sleep is coming and it's shattered.
Many people have fallen awake.
Bed has come in the night to help you grow.
Pillow like a placenta has come to nurture your soft neck.

Watch out for podcast next week at Scottish Poetry Library.

Love in the vaguest sense
of its invisibility,


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Jim Murdoch said...

Looking forward with interest.