Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dancing in hell.

On the frying pan
We pretend we are dancing
As we lift our burning feet together
Afraid to disclose the pain of our soles.


Jim Murdoch said...

Effective. I like the play on words at the end. Not sure about 'on'. Perhaps 'of'? Can't decide.

Stephen Nelson said...

Hello McGuire,

Your live feed says I arrived at your blog via Geof Huth, and so I did! Funny how we have to navigate via the States to get to a place just up the road. I'm from Hamilton n I love Glasgow n poetry n stuff too. Your blog looks smashin - I'm going to delve further into it tonite! Have a look at mine if you have the time and get in touch if you feel like it. I don't have many connections in Scotland - as I say I've thrown my net out across the pond - but hey, great to see you n your blog n all the lovely folks you know.

I enjoyed your spirit over edifice comment on Geof Huth's blog. Well said!


Dave King said...

I have taken the liberty of presenting you with The Lemonade Award. I hope this chimes happily with you and that you will feel able to accept it. Details on my blog Here
My thanks to you for all the pleasure your blog has given me to date.

Lucy said...

I rather like it here. Especially the 'chairs' one. I think I'm in the right mood for your poems just now!

Thanks for visiting. I wondered how, and concluded it must have been through Dave King. Glad you did, anyway, as it brought me back here.

Toast said...

Wow, boy. Whatchoo people talking about? This poetry is some bad bad poetry. Damn.

McGuire said...

I might not be a good poet but it is my humble offering nonetheless.

You can have it too if you like, you can leave it if you don't. I need it.

Regardless, it was refreshing to recieve a comment that is critical. Thanks for that Toast.

Work to be done in the terms of improving the way I write. I know that all too well.