Monday, January 26, 2009

The Perils of Obedience

(Milgram's experiment)

Eight out of ten people
will administer electric
shocks to the point of
fatally killing another
guinea pig human. But
when they walk the street
all they say is 'hello'
in gradients of gloom.


The Brokendown Barman said...

hey mcguire,
what happened to the comments that were on here earlier?? that toast guy was a twat.
i know ive sagged u before when i was just starting out, but u should have left them on so we could all go to his site and see the pish he was coming out with. and believe me it was pish. i should know, im an expert. ive got a blog full of it.
keep up the good work. some of it may not be to my taste, e.g. poetry(!!!) but i appreciate your honesty. you put your writing out here for us to read. you put yourself in the frontline.
you are brave.
keep it going.
keep the good reviews with the bad.
let them see how stupid they are when it all boils down.
with you and shuggy i am starting to get into poetry. i may not understand it all, and just when i think i do you both seem to bamboozle me again, but who cares.
dont let the bastards grind you down

McGuire said...

I only noticed one comment from Toast and that was said was that my poetry was bad. Which is fair enough. I'm not Shakespear. Besides, I'm alive to learn, not to have it made.

Anyway, I appreciate your support, and fear not, nothing can stop me from posting my humble offering of thought and reflection.

Jim Murdoch said...

Before I read this I thought that I would object to the fact that the reader would need specialised knowledge to understand it. Although reading the article helps I didn't feel it was necessary and the poem works fine without any notes. I think it's an effective, uncomfortable little piece.